A Quick Unification Update

As you may have heard, the Alberta professional accounting associations representing CAs, CMAs and CGAs have decided to unify their respective designations under the "Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA)" banner.

This unification benefits all professional accountants, ensuring greater consistency, less confusion for the general public and more streamlined administration of the profession. Right now, much of the public is unsure about the designations and their functions. This unification remedies that.

These Alberta associations have recently entered into the "Transition Stage" of the unification process. As defined in the Alberta Unification Plan, the Transition Stage is a period in which the three unifying bodies (ICAA, CGA Alberta and CMA Alberta) begin the process of passing and delegating operating authority for their responsibilities to a joint body, the Unification Agency. During this stage, each of the existing bodies retains its responsibilities and authority under the Regulated Accounting Profession Act. During the Transition Stage, these associations begin the planning of what a new merged profession will look like and how it will be organized and governed.

This unification effort is happening throughout Canada and also in other jurisdictions beyond our borders.

Our team includes CAs, CMAs and CGAs — all highly qualified professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

But no matter what letters follow our names, we will provide our clients with the best possible service, just as we've done in the past and will continue to do in the future.

For more information on the unification, visit the Chartered Accountants of Alberta's Unification site.

Tyler Vreeling