Our Partners deliberated long and hard in the selection of a name that would accurately represent our identity and cultivate positive meaning over time. The name ‘Metrix Group LLP’ has three significant components.



Meaning a system or standard of measurement, ‘metrics’ speaks to our firm’s standard of providing excellent service in all circumstances. It represents our measurement of success through the relationships we establish with our clients and through our reputation as experts in our field.


The letter x

You’ll notice we made a slight alteration to the word ‘metrics’, ending instead with the letter X. In algebra, X represents an unknown value defined by solving an equation. This is similar in nature to the work we do for our clients. We use our knowledge of industry standards and best practices to solve for ‘X’ - we help our clients to make informed decisions in order to navigate through unique challenges.

X is also the symbol for multiplication, in this case representing growth. Our insightful analysis and precise measurement facilitates our clients’ growth, and our own, as we open new offices, hire new staff and mentor them in developing their careers.



The word ‘group’ places emphasis on the contributions of our firm as a whole, rather than the contributions of a few individuals. Through effective leadership and teamwork, we thrive together. One key member of our team is our valued clients, who we look forward to serving for many years to come.