Same direction since 1962.

New name January 31, 2018.


Our Partners deliberated long and hard in the selection of a name that would accurately represent our identity and cultivate positive meaning over time. The name ‘Metrix Group LLP’ has three significant components.



Meaning a system or standard of measurement, ‘metrics’ speaks to our firm’s standard of providing excellent service in all circumstances. It represents our measurement of success through the relationships we establish with our clients and through our reputation as experts in our field.


The letter x

You’ll notice we made a slight alteration to the word ‘metrics’, ending instead with the letter X. In algebra, X represents an unknown value defined by solving an equation. This is similar in nature to the work we do for our clients. We use our knowledge of industry standards and best practices to solve for ‘X’ - we help our clients to make informed decisions in order to navigate through unique challenges.

X is also the symbol for multiplication, in this case representing growth. Our insightful analysis and precise measurement facilitates our clients’ growth, and our own, as we open new offices, hire new staff and mentor them in developing their careers.



The word ‘group’ places emphasis on the contributions of our firm as a whole, rather than the contributions of a few individuals. Through effective leadership and teamwork, we thrive together. One key member of our team is our valued clients, who we look forward to serving for many years to come.

Commitment to Community


Giving back strengthens our communities, our employees, and our firm.

We are involved in various causes in our communities and encourage our employees to be actively involved in the causes they choose to support. Our involvement includes donations of time, energy and resources.

We also believe in building community within our walls. We foster this belief among our staff with a number of activities including some fun golf tournaments.


We Make it our Mission to

+ Provide expert advice and professional service

+ Be actively and Positively engaged in our communities

+ Establish an environment for our colleagues to thrive personally and professionally


From the start, our reputation has been built on integrity, Hard Work and clarity.

Beginning in 1962, our early partners laid the foundation for the firm. They established our character and personality of being friendly, helpful people. They demonstrated remarkable respect for staff and a tremendous desire to work hard for our clients, all in a friendly and supportive environment. Because of this, staff enjoyed coming to work, and still do. The enjoyable experience for clients visiting our first offices in Edmonton, or Stony Plain, or having partners go out to visit them, continues to this day. These early partners established the approachable personality of our firm that will endure for many years to come.

Our founding partners, Frank Bruha & Tony Whelan, and their first CA student who later became their first partner, Sandy Hawkings, are especially to be thanked for their dedication to establishing a strong organization and setting a vision for the firm that would stand the test of time.  We will always be grateful for their hard work and dedication.

Common threads from our past that we try to emulate each day include taking a genuine interest in the matters of our clients, offering a sound approach to bring about a professional resolve, and promoting a desire to teach and mentor those of the coming generations. As we carry this firm into the future, we are honoured to continue this legacy.

In addition to our deep roots, we have experienced a great deal of growth through organic expansion and numerous mergers, and we look forward to branching out and building our presence further into urban and rural areas in Alberta and western Canada over the coming years.


Here's an overview of our name changes and other significant milestones:

1962 - Larry Shuler, Frank Bruha, and Tony Whelan open their doors in Edmonton, Alberta as Shuler, Bruha & Whelan.

1974 - Larry Shuler retires, and the firm continues on as Bruha Whelan.

1978 - Sandy Hawkings becomes partner in 1978, changing the name to Bruha, Whelan & Hawkings.

1985 to 1992 - Tony Whelan retires in 1985. Michael Epp becomes a partner in 1988, Wayne Dumont in 1992, making the firm Bruha Hawkings Epp Dumont.

1998 - With Frank Bruha's passing in 1994, the firm changes it's name to Hawkings Epp Dumont.

2002 to 2011 - Phil Dirks becomes a partner in 2002, Curtis Friesen in 2006. Sandy Hawkings retires in 2008, and Tony Whelan passes away in 2009. Ron Aquin becomes partner in 2010. A merger brings the opening of our Lloydminster, Alberta office in 2011.

2012 - The firm celebrates 50 years!

2015 to 2017 - Trevor Dodd becomes a partner in 2015, and Terry St. Laurent in 2016. Also in 2016, a merger brings the opening of our Whitecourt, Alberta office. After a decade as partners, Scott Hawkings and Tanya Tinney leave the firm in 2017 to establish their own practice in Stony Plain.

2018 - Looking to the future, our 7 partners changed the name of the firm to Metrix Group LLP.