Client Feature: Sharon Wong, TSUJIRI Alberta

Sharon Wong, Director of TSUJIRI Alberta, sat down with us for an interview recently to speak about her business and her experience with Metrix.

Sharon Wong is the Director of TSUJIRI Alberta, which is a matcha tea house in Edmonton, Alberta based on a 158-year-old matcha tea franchise that originated in Kyoto, Japan. Tsujiri was originally founded in Japan in 1860 by Tea Master Riemon Tsujiri.

Sharon Wong and her brother brought TSUJIRI to Edmonton, Alberta after being inspired to “do something of their own” by a visit to a TSUJIRI Chaho (meaning “tea shop”) in Toronto, Ontario.

Their tea house specializes in drinks, desserts, ice creams and pastries all made from matcha imported from Japan.

When asked what she enjoys about running her own business, Sharon reflected on some of the differences between being a business owner and working for others’ businesses.

“I used to work an 8-4 job for someone else but this is your own thing. Even though you sometimes don’t have the luxury of getting your weekends off, and not worrying about it. Doing this—you’re putting your time and your energy towards making something that’s your own. It’s so rewarding.”

Sharon shares that bringing her business to Metrix has ultimately given her peace of mind. She can focus on the day-to-day operations of her business and what’s most important to her without having to worry about accounting, finances or tax because she has a great advisor to do that for her.

“[Noel] answers any questions or concerns I have. It puts my mind at ease and I definitely trust Noel and the advice he gives. Overall, it’s really peace of mind. I don’t have to worry about…any of that stuff. I can just ask the questions and feel secure.”

When asked if she would recommend Metrix and their services, Sharon answered, “Yes, absolutely.”

“I really do think Metrix knows what they’re doing. They’re growing so fast, and that just shows that they’re doing something great. They’re on the right path.”

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Laurie Willier